Life after Glasgow

After having 2 summer track seasons out of the sport with 2 different foot injuries I was determined to make a come back this year and set my hopes on getting fit enough to qualify for the Glasgow Commonwealths in the 5000m.


Thankfully I made the qualifying standard in a ‘last chance saloon’ attempt and received the call saying that I had made the team! It was an emotional moment for me, I was determined that an injury would not be the reason for retiring from the sport and was so proud of myself for battling back after 2 long lay offs from running.

 Since about the age of 30 I have been asked on a regular basis when I would be retiring; Well number 1 a RUNNER never retires! 

Running is a way of life and to retire suggests that you will not do it ever again. Thats not going to happen! Of course running at a top level will not last forever but luckily opinions are changing about what women can achieve in sport in their later years, I won the European championships aged 37 and in Glasgow two forty year olds stood on the start line representing England, myself and the mighty Jo Pavey! Jo went on to run a stunning race, collect the bronze medal and then the Gold at the European Championships a few days later.

So hopefully between us we have helped pave the way for anyone to start running, get back into running or just KEEPING ON RUNNING.

The Commonwealth race for me was disappointing but I guess the triumph was personal, never giving in and proving to myself that I could get back into top level competition.

I’m looking forward to targeting a few road races in the coming months as well as building up my running coaching and massage business.

There will be more information coming up on the website in the near future, so watch this space!

Helen x